Young Christian surprises the judges with her great voice in America’s got talent 2023

The 17-year-old Dominican girl, Keren Montero, who already won the second season of Dominican’s Got Talent in 2021, participated in America’s got talent 2023 and just as she surprised in other contests, it has not been any different in this, since the judges and the public have been left with their mouths open with her performance.

In her participation, Keren performed the song Rescue by the renowned singer Lauren Diagle. After Keren finished singing, the entire audience stood up with a standing ovation and emotion for having heard her.

One of the jurors told Keren that she has a powerful and beautiful voice. They went on to say that with her talent she makes her country and family very proud of her.

Let’s hope we can continue to see Karen at these awards and that she can go as high as God allows her to.

Joven cristiana sorprende a los jueces con su gran voz en America's got talent 2023

Listen to the song "How Great thou art" in melodica
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