You can learn this Christian song in Hebrew (Very easy)

“Hevenu Shalom Alehem” is a pretty easy Hebrew song even for those who have no command of the Hebrew language. Virtually the entire song says “Evenu Shalom Alechem” (pronounced that way) over and over again.

This short Hebrew phrase means: “Peace be with you.” It is a traditional Hebrew song that sings to the peace of the people of Israel. Spanish artist Marcos Vidal has a version of this traditional song that some of you may have already heard.

The version that we present to you today has been shared on Orian Shukrun’s YouTube channel, and the video is very peculiar, since it was recorded in an airport, while different musicians do a majestic job, accompanied by dancers. Without a doubt, all these people are filled with joy as they sing to the peace of Israel.

So, below we share this beautiful song and we know that it will be very easy for you to sing it:

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