Listen to the song “How Great is our God” in Hebrew and Arabic

“How Great thou art” is a beautiful Christian song that, as its title says, tells us about the greatness of God, expresses the power of our God. This song undoubtedly stimulates us to give glory, honor and honor to God

We will have an entire eternity in heaven to praise Him Who is worthy of praise, and all together we will be able to say there how great our God is, how many wonders he has done. We will contemplate his beauty forever and ever. So, let’s keep rehearsing, and give glory to the all-sovereign God.

This song doesn’t need so much introduction, because surely you’ve heard it before. Below we share “How Great thou art” in the Hebrew and Arabic languages. We hope you are blessed by listening to this song:

Cuán grande es Dios en hebreo y árabe

You can learn this Christian song in Hebrew (Very easy)
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