A song that invites you to say yes to God’s promises

In the Bible we can find multiple promises of God for His people, and we must have faith that God will fulfill them in due time, and there is a Christian song that tells us that we must embrace that promise, the song is titled “We say yes “.

This song belongs to the Christian group Essential Worship. Part of the song says: I say yes to what you’ve promised. Amen to the word You’ve spoken. I say yes to what I can’t imagine. I say yes, Lord, I say yes. 

We must believe in the promises of God found in His Word, even when we are in the darkest valley, in the most difficult trial, in the longest process, it does not matter, there we must continue to believe in His promises, that He is faithful to fulfill them in due time.

So, we hope that the following song will be a great blessing for you. Tell us in the comments what you think of this praise from the Essential Worship group:

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