Listen to Psalm 104 in ancient Hebrew

Psalm 104 is attributed to King David and tells us about how God has power over all of nature, how He controls everything on this planet. The psalmist uses the wonders of nature to speak of the power that our God has over it, and concludes by giving glory to the eternal God for all this.

There are not many sung versions of Psalm 104 in Spanish, but today we want to share one in the ancient Hebrew language, which you may be curious to listen to, since the ancient or classical Hebrew language is what it was supposed to have been spoken in biblical times, a language that even today, some Jewish communities continue to speak.

So below, we share with you Psalm 104 in ancient Hebrew, shared by the Yamma Ensemble YouTube channel. Tell us in the comments what you thought of this language in this song and if you had already heard any in ancient Hebrew.

A song that invites you to say yes to God's promises
A song that remembers us to praise His Name

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