Beautiful 17-month-old baby worships God with the song “I can only imagine”

“I can only imagine” is a beautiful and successful song by MercyMe, competing in its time with secular songs in the top 10 most listened to songs. It is certainly a tremendous song written by a man who lost his father.

This song has been a great blessing, for adults and also for children, because a girl of only 17 months of age is seen sitting in her baby chair while with some gestures she is seen worshiping God when listening to this beautiful song. .

Our God is majestic and that is why all His creation worships Him, be they big or small, they all bow before the majesty of His power. We hope that the following video be a blessing to you and continue to create that thirst to exalt God in each one of us.

Hermosa bebé de 17 meses adora a Dios con la canción Puedo imaginarme

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