Listen to Way Maker Christian song on violin

The Christian song Way Maker, has been one of the most listened to by the church in recent years, reaching a large audience in Spanish, English and Portuguese.

This song tells us about how great and powerful God is in the face of adversity that may come our way. God is the one who opens paths, just as he did with the people of Israel in Egypt, opening the Red Sea in two so that they could cross on dry ground (Exodus 14). It is also He who fights our battles, just as he brought down rocks from heaven to fight the battle of his people Israel (Joshua 10:11).

God is miraculous, He opens paths and fulfills His promises to us. It only remains for us to believe him with all our strength, knowing that he is faithful who he has promised and that he is not a man to lie. Here we share this song on violin by Josy Fischer:
Way Maker en violĂ­n

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