The Bible arrives on the video game platform Steam

Steam is a video game platform where you can find free and paid games. Steam did not have Bible games, so the good news is that the Bible is coming to this famous video game platform from a developer that operates under the name Bible Games.

With your new Bible on Steam you will be able to read passages from the Bible with an original soundtrack, listen to an audiobook version and of course, a trivia section. This Bible is the New King James Version (NKJV) translation.

One of my favorite curiosities about the original King James Bible is that some scholarly estimates attribute around 80% to a guy named William Tyndale. This guy was what you call ahead of his time: probably too ahead of his time. Tyndale believed that the scriptures should be available in the common vernacular, but religious elements at the time said no, and for his service in translating the texts into Early Middle English, he was tied to a stake, strangled, and then burned. .

I think you have it, guys. I wonder what they would have done with a Steam edition with trivia – Bible Games is lucky it’s not operating in the 1520s, is all I’ll say.

You can find the Bible now available on Steam, in the Independent Games category, and it has a 33 percent discount per launch. You can download it using this link.

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