Viral: Church celebrates Halloween in style, social network users react

The entire Bible points out that as the people of God, as people born again, we must be different from the world, but the liberal current of this century has many people deceived within certain congregations, making them think that they have to bring the influences of the world to the church, instead of bringing the church to the world.

For many you can’t “judge”, you can’t say anything about any action, you just have to pray, keep quiet and understand that things are modernizing. We must be very careful with this, because we can change from not having a microphone to having one, but we cannot change the moral and biblical integrity of the church of Jesus Christ.

What do you think about Halloween day? Do you understand that the church must celebrate it to attract non-believers? This is where the error of many youth groups and many congregations is born, as is the case with a viral video that has become popular on TikTok, where it is shown inside a large church how its faithful dress up and celebrate this popular festival.

That church preferred to celebrate Halloween rather than celebrate the day of the Protestant Reformation. Did you know that many Christians know the date of this holiday and not the Protestant Reformation? It is sad how many church members have gone more for the current of this world than for spiritual things.

Below we share the video that at the time of writing this article already has 2.2 million views and we hope you will leave us your comment telling us what you think about it:

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