Look at this two years old girl worshiping God

In a video released in 2011, we can see the little girl Izzy, just two years old, enjoying the song “Our God” by Chris Tomlin. As the little girl listens to the song, she raises her hands in praise of God.

Our children can be easily influenced by the current of this world, but if we, as God-fearing parents, seek to instruct them in the right way, in the Lord’s way, then we can achieve very good results.

Many people may think that this little girl is just imitating an adult, and that may be the case. But, let’s think for a moment that this baby was imitating the right thing and was growing up with the Christian feeling of praising the Lord.

Let us not let the enemy take control of our children, but rather let us influence our children to be true worshipers. To see Izzy’s video, click on the image below:

Menina de dois anos adora a Deus

Listen to the song "Give me Jesus" in French
Listen to the song "Yahweh will manifest Himself" in english

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