Kid duo shock Chinese talent show audience with the song “You raise me up”

We can be impressed by the beautiful voice of an adult person, but the voice of a kid will always surprise us more, as is the case of a children’s duo that moved an entire audience in a Chinese talent show with the song “You raise me up”. ”

The song “You raise me up” is a tremendous song with an incredible melody, which is one of the best Christian classics. The Christian song “You raise me up” speaks to us of the sole dependence on our Lord Jesus Christ. Of a hope that, although we are weak due to our burdens, God is powerful to be with us.

These children interpret this song, in the English language, in a wonderful way, and we hope that it will be a great blessing for you to be able to listen to them.

Dúo de niños conmueve audiencia en concurso de talentos Chino con la canción Tú me levantas

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