Eleven-year-old girl rocks America’s Got Talent singing “Amazing Grace”

Madison Baez Taylor is an 11 years old girl, who shook the audience and judges of America’s Got Talent 2022 by singing the Christian classic “Amazing Grace”.

Her participation was very surprising, since Madison was taken from the audience during the break in the program, although it was only a surprise for the judges, since the girl was actually scheduled to participate.

The truth is that this girl, only 11 years old, took the microphone, and with an unusual voice for a girl of her age, she presented complete dominance on the platform with a voice so powerful and beautiful, that the judges were amazed.

Madison broke down in tears upon hearing the judges’ comments, saying that she had been on other tapings of the show and had dreamed of auditioning for years. And she really did it big, well, not only did she captivate everyone’s heart, but she also won the Golden Buzzer.

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