This song reminds us that God lifts us up

The Bible tells us that when King Saul felt tormented, he sent for a boy named David to play the harp; and in this way, his fears were gone. Christian music, without a doubt, will always be a great instrument to transmit peace.

There is a song that can transmit that peace and spirituality to us, in English it has the title “You raise me up”, and in Spanish it is known as Tú me Levantas. Below we share an interpretation of this song by Sergio David in Spanish and in English.

We assure you that the melody and lyrics of this song will transmit that spirituality to you, and those words that say that God lifts us up and that with Him we are strong, will help us more every day. You can listen to the song by clicking on the video below.

Esta canción nos recuerda que Dios nos levanta

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