Listen to the song “Hallelujah” on pan flute and transverse flute

Previously we had already brought you different versions of the song Hallelujah by Leonardo Cohen, we heard it in Portuguese from a twelve-year-old girl, in Spanish by another girl in Got’s talent Spain and even at a wedding it was sung by the groom and The godparents.

On this occasion we bring you a very special version of this song, because it is not only instrumental, but two great musicians from different cultures came together to create a unique version of this song.

The ecuadorian Leo Rojas and the great Italian flutist Andrea Griminelli brought this song to life in a Christmas special where, in addition to his pan flute, Leo Rojas used other characteristic instruments of his culture to give this version a unique touch that you will not be able to to stop listening.

We leave the video that delights you with this extraordinary version of the song Hallelujah. We hope it will be a great blessing to you:

Escucha la canción “Aleluya” en flauta de pan y flauta transversa

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