Unusual! Alleged christian woman opens an OnlyFans account and encourages other Christians to do so

First of all, we must be very careful not to think that anyone who attends a church or publishes Christian verses and phrases of Jesus on social networks is a Christian.

Nita Marie is a woman who claims to be a Christian and has been divorced for five years. Nita dedicated herself to the sale of cosmetics, and such a job generated about 40 thousand dollars a month, however, not satisfied with her income, she went beyond it and she began to show her body for OnlyFans .

One of Nita’s excuses is that she shows off her body because it raises her self-esteem and self-confidence. The OnlyFans model expressed:

I have been told that I am led by Satan; there is a whole stigma around it in the Christian world.

In addition, Nita instructs some 400 mature women to specialize as models in OnlyFans and beyond, to continue inspiring women within the church.

No doubt this is all unusual, but if you don’t serve the Lord and you’re reading this, it’s good you to know that a true Christian would never do this.

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