Is it a sin to support a soccer team? This pastor says yes

A preacher who supports a soccer team is a half believer. These were the words spoken by Pastor Elias Cardoso, president of the Assembly of God Ministry, in São Paulo, Brazil. This was made known through a video that was posted on social networks and went viral.

The words said by the pastor are a criticism of those preachers who wear a soccer team jersey.

He surprisingly also sent a message to those pastors who have members who work with soccer advertising, saying:

Discipline him! Church worker advertising soccer? Talk like that, you don’t walk with me! Not here! That is the general rule!

Without a doubt, this video has caused negative comments, many saying that this is simply extreme religiosity, saying that it is wrong to support any sport.

Can the Christian support a soccer team or some other sport? Leave us a comment.

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