Christian American Idol contestant gives glory to God by moving on to the Hollywood round

Much Christian talent has passed through great stages in the world, as is the case of the famous American Idol contest, where a 26-year-old young man in a promotion for his participation in his Instagram account, said: “God takes all the glory “.

The young man belongs to the Celebration Church Franklin church in the state of North Carolina, in addition, he is a musical director in his congregation and is artistically known as “Prince Tch”.

Prince Tch at his audition performed the Stevie Wonder classic entitled “Knocks me off my feet”. He was also invited to dance by the extremely well-known judges in the artistic world: Katy Perry, Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan.

The singer received a yes from the three judges and they told him that the time has come to be a student, to which the young man replied that he was ready and willing to learn.

Prince Tch’s preparation in music is very good, since in addition to being a singer, he knows how to play musical instruments such as piano, guitar and drums.

The pastor of the church and others feel very motivated and happy that his music director has received the gold button to move on to the next round of Hollywood in the next episode.

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