SALT: Tinder-Style Christian Singles App

Tinder leads as the largest social network for singles, above others also known as Meetme or Badoo. In this sense, I have never heard a Christian say that he has found his match through Tinder.

An application has been created with the same theme as Tinder called SALT, yes, an app where Christians from all over the world can interact to find a partner.

SALT has been developed by Salt Group Ltda, a company that has been founded by Paul Rider and Erti-Chris Eelma. The app allows single Christians from around the world to also come together to share various faith topics.

SALT is available for iOS on its App Store and on Google Play for Android. Once you have downloaded the app, you can create your account by connecting with Facebook or using your email and filling out a form to answer questions about your faith and clarify whether you are married or single. The creators affirm that the app already has more than 10 thousand members approximately.

Based on the information you provide to the app, it automatically searches for people who resemble your profile to interact, in addition, it also allows you to chat with people who are in a range of more than 500 kilometers.

In the Premium version of SALT you can see who has “liked” your profile, who has viewed your profile, etc. What do you think about this? Leave your opinion in the comments, it will surely be important.

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