Mel Gibson’s new Christian film ‘Father Stu’ to be released this Easter

“Father Stu” is a biopic movie based on the life of the late boxer Stuart Long, who became a priest. In this cinematic work, the famous actor of “the passion of the Christ” Mel Gibson and Mark Wahlberg join in a drama that expresses faith, redemption and courage.

According to information given by Mel Gibson in a recent interview, “Father Stu” will hit theaters in the United States on Wednesday, April 13, 2022. In the film, Wahlberg will play Long and Mel Gibson will play Long’s dad.

Receiving God’s grace in the midst of human suffering is one of the messages that the Christian film “Father Stu” tries to convey. The film also seeks to remind us that we all have a rock to carry. Mel Gibson expressed:

Everybody’s got a rock, man. And everyone has to drag…something around. And of course something is going to happen and it will bring you down at some point in your life. Now Later.

He also said: The sooner you realize that there is something greater than all of us, the easier it will be in your life. A difficult jump to make for many of us.

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