Listen to the Way Maker song in Hebrew

“Way Maker” is one of the most listened to songs in recent years, it is also in Spanish as “Abres camino” or in Portuguese as “Caminho no Deserto”. All its versions have millions of views on YouTube.

It is a blessing that Christian songs are being translated into many languages, for example, this song is also performed in Hebrew by the group “Shilo Ben Hod”, and they have left a very beautiful and inspiring message in the description of the video:

It is hard to see hope right now, as missiles fly in our skies and riots in our streets, but we know that our God is the waymaker, the miracle worker, the promise keeper of Israel and the light in darkness, that’s what He is. is! He listens to Israel, Yeshua is the hope of our region, He is the Prince of peace.

Enjoy this beautiful song that tells us about how great and powerful God is, how miraculous He is:

Escucha la canción Way Maker en hebreo

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