Brazilian model shares her testimony: I am nothing without Jesus

Adriana Sant’Anna, is a Brazilian model and also a former participant of the BBB11 program, she impressed social networks with her publication expressing how important God has been to her.

The model spoke about her testimony, about how when she moved to the United States she bought a Porsche and a house in Orlando, and after a while there, she felt empty:

Why did we do this? Why even buying to myself a dream car and a magnificent house I did not see the slightest grace?

She also spoke of words she felt God gave her: “I gave you more than you wanted, just so you could see with your own eyes that having everything without me is the same as having nothing.”

The truth is that we are nothing without Jesus, and Adriana understood it by giving a small reminder about her baptism of January 3, 2021, precisely in the Lagoinha Orlando church:

I was able to find myself again and discover that I am nothing without Jesus. I get excited when I write because I am in love with Jesus.

She finished:

The more I dedicate my life to Him, the more I fall in love and the more I want to live with Him! I’m living that moment of Marta and Maria, you know? I feel like Mary, kneeling at the feet of Jesus and listening to everything she has to say! I want more and more of this love! I cry for more and more.

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