Children are evangelized through Christian app

The Bible entrusts us to bring the message of the Gospel to every creature and sometimes there are places that we forget, but for that, God always has true missionaries who risk whatever it takes to fulfill that mandate.

It is very difficult to bring this type of message to countries like Iran, where their main religion is Islam, however, there is a Christian ministry that despite the danger, is dedicating itself to bringing the Gospel to Iranian children who live in extreme vulnerability, through social media and a Christian app.

The case of labor exploited children there is difficult, since there are an average of 4,600 children working on the streets, either digging through garbage containers to find recyclable materials and many other things that a child is not supposed to experience their age.

Mike Ansari, who is the president of the Heart4Iran ministry, stressed that he wants to raise awareness about child exploitation in Iran, but as a main objective to present Jesus through evangelization. Mike commented to CBN News:

These are Afghan children who escaped from the Taliban and joined their families in Iran. They are being exploited for profit. According to Iranian human rights groups, children in Iran face intense child labor, physical abuse, child trafficking, and forced marriages.

The Christian application that they are sending to these children is called “SuperBook”, which is a kind of Bible school that contains multiple teachings about the Bible.

Iranian children, like American children, are on their devices and many are searching for a kind of spiritual truth. We beta tested and targeted the content to families and children in Iran and the response was overwhelmingly positive.

God continue to allow these children to be evangelized and to leave the dictatorship in Afghanistan. Pray for these children!

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