Spiderman actor says he fell easily in love with Jesus

Andrew Garfield, who played the famous Marvel superhero “Spiderman”, shared in an interview the spiritual experiences he has had, saying that in many of these projects he has been able to experience the love of God.

He participated in a movie about a missionary who is persecuted for his faith in 17th century Japan, it is a real story and has the name “Silence”, based on Shusaku Endo.

The actor reportedly had to be involved in spiritual retreats that included each participant learning about the various stages of Jesus’ life on earth, which Garfield found very surprising. The actor expressed how he has found God and himself:

There were so many things in the spirutual exercises that changed and transformed me, that showed me who I was…and where I believe God wants me to be.

He also continued to give information on how through this project he was able to fall in love with Jesus and how easy it was for him.

In all these years, it is the first time that the actor highlights his faith in front of the media. Hopefully he can serve God and influence with his faith many of the people who follow him.

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