Producer Of “The Chosen” Shares Her Experience With God

“The Chosen” is a success story of how God through a series about Jesus can transform millions of lives around the world, and Katherine Warnock, one of the producers of it, told her story to “Live Your Best Life” with Liz Wright .

As with many others God has used throughout the ages, Warnock’s journey was not an easy one, as God had to do a mighty work on her insecurity to make her what He had designed her to be.

And God had already arranged for her to break into Hollywood the way “The Chosen” is doing. She questioned God’s plans a lot, just as we often do when we don’t see the light in the tunnel, but she knew how to base herself on the wisdom from above and saw the light.

The only thing she had to do for “The Chosen” to become a product that impacts Hollywood itself and the world was to abandon human understanding and let the Holy Spirit be her guide. Are you willing to do that for God to affect those around you? She concludes:

When you allow the Lord to refine your identity and character in times of the desert, He will lift you up to places of favor and privilege beyond your imagination.

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