Increase in faith-based movies in Hollywood predicted

It must be admitted that in recent years Christian cinema has gained strength and more and more Christian films of excellent quality and with a great motivating message are being produced. We have even seen these Christian films fight for the first places with secular films.

Christian filmmaker Jon Erwin offered statements in an interview about his new Christmas movie “American Underdog” that Christian cinema will see a rise in faith-based movies in Hollywood:

I see the entertainment industry reinvented with Christianity, and I want to be a part of it. It is a message of hope that people need. We need forgiveness, hope, and redemption, perhaps more than ever. And movies are a great way to touch people.

Erwin told Christianity Daily that many other creators of this type of content are rising to be a part of this and that this is the way in which we can serve God in this generation, since the cinema is a means by which God can do great things through this message in people’s lives.

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