Third season of “The Chosen” will be filmed in 2022

The producers of “The Chosen” have announced that possibly in the spring of 2022 they will be producing the third season of the series, since they have achieved their fundraising goal for it.

“The Chosen” stands as the only Christian series on the life of Jesus and his disciples with multiple seasons. It can also be noted that it has no cost, and is transmitted through the mobile application “The Chosen”.

All the seasons of this series have been produced thanks to the donations of different people who have also been interested in this initiative that presents the life of Jesus and his disciples. In the official account of The Chosen on Twitter they published:

“Hey, you did it again!” “The third season is fully funded and now we begin ‘pre-production’ in January, hoping to shoot in the spring. Thank you for helping us create future seasons and episodes and make the show free for those who can’t afford it.”

Fondos recaudados para la tercera temporada de The Chosen

On the other hand, the director and writer of the series Dallas Jenkins also expressed his joy through Facebook:

“Well, well, look what you’ve done. Thank you very much for collaborating with us ”,“ Do you know who else is grateful? Everyone around the world who watches for free because you paid upfront, plus the cast and crew who can do more episodes and seasons. “

Hopefully this series will continue to be produced for many years to come so that many people will continue to be blessed through the story of Christ and his disciples.

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