Britney Spears declares that prayer is a constant in her life

Famous international pop singer Britney Spears has stated that prayer has helped her overcome guardianship and strengthened her belief in God.

Spears has had to battle with guardianship for years, so that the conservatorship (Civil Institution) controlled her financial and personal affairs for 13 years, which she described as totally abusive.

On this date, a judge from Los Angeles canceled the conservatorship in November. On her side, Spears posted on her Instagram account of more than 38 million followers: “God is always with us,” and she encouraged them to pray “when life gets tough.”

Like many people who have struggled with difficult times, Spears revealed that in those moments she came to stop believing in God.

She narrated the testimony of a woman that while her son suffered from cancers, she wondered why God would allow her son to die of cancer, to which the singer, in a way of consolation, said: “God is with you.” The singer wrote something very beautiful about prayer:

“Did you know that the closer you are to God there will always be more trials … everywhere?” “A relationship with God is endless … that’s why prayer is a constant in my life.”

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