Worship leader impacts on “The Voice” by singing “Break Every Chain”

“The Voice” is a TV Show where people can show their talent to the world, and in this kind of competition we have already seen many participants who have stood out for singing music to the Lord.

Jershika Maple, a worship leader just 25 years old, had the opportunity to participate in The Voice, NBC, on December 7, 2021, performing the well-known Tasha Cobbs song “Break Every Chain”.

The young singer expressed that the time she had in this competition had taught her that she could achieve anything she set her mind to, and she also made it clear that if she was in competition in the program, it is with herself and not with anyone else.

Maple has also highlighted her faith in God, despite all the mishaps she has had to go through on the show, since she has had to see herself on the brink of elimination being at the bottom, having to act to be saved.

John Legend, who is Maple’s coach, has stressed that the young woman should be in the final, since she is one of the best voices that has gone through the competition.

Despite all her ups and downs, Jershika Maple was able to impress the judges, even though she had sore throats, singing the song “Break every chain”, which made all the judges stand up, cheering said performance. Glory to our Lord for this!

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