Christian app “Glorify” receives funding of 40 million dollars

“Glorify” is a mobile application that helps believers in their spiritual quest, be it with readings of passages from the Bible, prayers, meditations or some reflections. The app has received a huge contribution of about 40 million dollars.

This significant contribution of 40 million dollars is led by the a16z fund and accompanied by K5 Global and the SoftBank Latin America fund. It also received contributions from American celebrities, such as Jason Derulo, Michael Ovitz, Kris Jenner, among others.

This money is being used to ensure that the application is positioned as the number one globally among Christians, also to improve its features and develop more spiritual content.

Ed Beccle, who is a co-founder of Glorify, said that he knew from the beginning that this app would pay off:

When we came up with the concept of Glorify, we knew we were creating something great. But when we met with investors, it soon became clear that we had something out of the ordinary on our hands. Much of what is out there does not reflect the reality of the people of today.

“Glorify” is an application that helps Christians around the world to pray and meditate on God, and achieve better sleep.

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