If Jesus returned tomorrow, they would ban that news on social networks, says comedian

Rob Schneider stirred the waters a bit on Twitter by giving those on the left an indirect, since they always live canceling everything that affects them.

Schneider is recognized for having participated in films such as “Click” and “Big People”. He has also worked with famous comedy actor Adam Sandler. Schneider’s Twitter post reads:

“If Jesus come back tomorrow all news about his return would be immediately banned on Twitter and Facebook and a YouTube Fact Checker would put on warning labels and redirect views to the CDC and government warnings about global warming.

That tweet from the humorist is simply a joke, but one that includes a truth behind it, and the truth is throwing stones at the famous culture of cancellation of those on the left, who cannot stand a single truth that is said, then, of once there you are labeled like: “hate comment”, “racist”, “homophobic”, etc.

The actor’s followers were not long in giving thanks for the publication, since even if it is a joke, it highlights the message of the Savior of the world, which is coming soon.

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