More than 30 million accept Christ through Christian film

Jesus Film Project is an incredible online ministry that is dedicated to providing us with free Christian movies and series, evangelizing everyone with relevant content.

This project was founded in 1951, and since then it has not stopped producing films that present Jesus as the only Savior of the world. Jesus Film Project is fully global in scope, having been translated into some 1,800 languages.

This ministry seeks to present Jesus beyond the Scriptures, in the sense that today we have the powerful tool of technology, which has us all wrapped up, so why not use it as a means to bring the Gospel to all ages?

The 2020 coronavirus pandemic was not an obstacle for this ministry, on the contrary, more than 700 million people were able to hear the Gospel message through this platform.

According to information published by Guiame, in 2020, some 742,164,408 people were able to see the Jesus Film Project platform, either through a movie or a live broadcast.

It is good to know that this ministry is not only dedicated to the technological publication of content about Jesus, but also plants churches and follows them up.

And according to their advanced data in the year 2020, 30,121,304 expressed their decision to follow Christ, and from this some 278,052 new churches and groups were born.

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