This animated Netflix series attacks Christianity

“F is for Family” is a Netflix original series created by Bill Burr and Michael Price and makes direct attacks in each of its episodes on Christianity and the s2xu1lity of children.

This has led to the series becoming totally controversial, then, it ridicules the Christian faith. Could it be that this is one more demonstration of the words spoken by Jesus, that we will be hated by all?

“F is for Family” has several episodes that involve p0rn0graphy and obscene moments such as the one in the middle of a festival, while a donkey passes, the altar boy makes an observation about the animal’s genitalia.

Parents Television and Media Council have been involved in research on this series, as it contains explicit material, which violates child p0rn0graphy laws.

Let’s be very careful with the content that our children consume on digital platforms, as this can cause great discomfort in their education.

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