Blasphemy: Jesus is shown in a brothel and addicted to p0rn0graphy in a cartoon

Apparently the company Porta dos Fundos, has made it normal to publish every year some blasphemous production about Jesus and the Gospel, this time with another Christmas special entitled “Te Prego Lá Fora” (I preach you outside).

The new special that premiered this December 15 through Paramount Plus, is about a “Jesus” who is in the stage of adolescence and in one of the aberrant scenes He is presented going to a brothel, where the character says: “This is not from God,” but then he says: “In fact, the highest one woman over there is exclusive to God.”

In the movie trailer we see an alleged Jesus who gets involved in topics such as p0rn0graphy, where Lazarus shows a scroll with the drawing of a woman’s feet and asks: Will the Messiah have p0rn0graphy here?

On other occasions, signatures have been collected so that these specials be eliminated, but nothing happens, the question is: If we Christians made a Christmas special making fun of certain communities, what would happen? We could possibly go to jail.

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