New “Left Behind” movie will star Kevin Sorbo

The famous saga of films “Left Behind” which deals with the end of times, had its last production in 2014 with actor Nicolas Cage. A new film has already been confirmed under the production and lead performance by Kevin Sorbo.

Actor Kevin highlighted his charm for these types of films, which show hope, laughter, love and redemption, saying that they are things we need in a “crazy and divisive” world.

For its part, the film will continue with the same cast, except for Kevin who will be the new protagonist.

The Christian actor expressed his interest in the saga, saying that he had wanted to participate in it for a long time and that he feels honored and at the same time in great advantage of being the director. Kevin hopes to have a positive impact on everyone who can see him. In an interview with CBN News he highlighted:

I always knew about the ‘Left Behind’ books. There was no way that anything else would get in the way of my desire to be a part of this.

There is still no date when we can enjoy this eschatological film, which is described by its creators as an anime from which we can learn about the end of time.

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