“Praise the Lord, because His mercy is forever”, declares soccer team goalkeeper after obtaining title

There are those who understand that winning an award is simply a matter of hard work and effort, but for others, in addition to work and effort, it also has to do with God’s blessing and for that, Weverton, from Palmeiras, thanked God after winning the Libertadores Cup.

The match held was played against Flamengo and Palmeiras emerged victorious, and after this victory Weverton declared his gratitude and praise to the Lord:

God who gave us the talent, the ability to be three times champions of America, so that this generation enters once and for all in the history of this Brazilian giant. I have nothing more to say: praise the Lord, for His mercy is forever. America is ours once again. I love you God. I love you, Palmeiras.

Weverton was one of the most decisive players for the championship and has also been a very important player in the Brazilian team, as he has been constantly summoned by coach Tite.

The goalkeeper ended by thanking each of the team’s fans according to Fox Sports:

I want to dedicate [the achievement] to my family, to all the fans who are here today, who came, who could have sold important things to be here, buy tickets and tickets. Also thank those who are at home and could not be here. America is ours once again. I love you, Palmeiras.

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