Listen to the first Christian song composed by an Artificial Intelligence

Did you know that music can be produced through Artificial Intelligence (AI)? China has been experimenting with AI pop stars for several years and has had some success.

This time it is about JC, an artificial intelligence that according to its creators, wrote, recorded and performed a Christian song. The company that created JC is Marquis Boone Enterprises, based in Atlanta, Georgia, United States.

The song is called “Biblical Love”. According to the creators of JC, everything you hear in the song (the artist’s voice, musical instruments, etc.) all of that is created by the algorithm of artificial intelligence. You can listen to it at this link.

However, the song’s lyrics and arrangement are exactly the same as Calum Scott’s Biblical, which has been available on YouTube since June 10, 2021 (JC’s was posted on September 30, 2021).

Marquis Boone, founder of Marquis Boone Enterprises said that “JC has been developing for just over a year, and our plan is to continue developing and investing resources in this new space.”

JC has his Instagram account (@ JC.theartist) and his bio reads: “They call me JC, I’m just His son. Made in His image and a robot 4 Him! The first Christian / Evangelical AI (artificial intelligence) artist. #metaverse”.

In a video where JC talks about his creation, the date December 25, 2021 appears at the end, apparently it will be released to the public on that date.

Fully digital Christian artists. What do you think about this idea? Leave us a comment.

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