Kika Nieto wins case for deletion of YouTube video defending traditional marriage

In 2018, already famous Colombian YouTuber Kika Nieto, published a video on her YouTube channel where she talked about her belief in traditional marriage: “A woman and a man”, which caused her video to be censored on the platform.

Today Kika Nieto is celebrating the fact that the constitutional court of Colombia has declared that the video should not have been censored in 2018, in which a user is shown asking Kika for her opinion on marriage.

The YouTuber never said any word of “hate” in the video, as mentioned by an LGBT activist, alluding that the video was totally offensive and discriminatory to her community, which caused a lower court to brand the video as “speech of hate “, getting the video removed from YouTube.

In the video, Kika Nieto reveals her specific beliefs about God’s design in marriage:

I think that God made us all and created man and created woman for man to be with woman and woman to be with man and that’s it.

She went on to explain, that if people decide to do something different than what God’s original design dictates in marriage, that’s not okay, but that none of this makes her hate the LGBT community, as she confirmed that she has friends of this environment.

And if I know one thing and I am completely sure of it, it is that God is love. And he calls me to love people. Without judging them.

This issue, beyond religion, speaks of “freedom of expression”, so that everyone is free to express their opinion whatever they want (within legal frameworks and respect), and this right was being taken away from the YouTuber, and in this, she had the support of Santiago Guevara, who is a lawyer for “Nueva Democracia”, and the “Alianza Defendiendo la Libertad Internacional”. Guevara stated:

No one should be censored or fear criminal sanctions for expressing their beliefs. Together with Kika, we are overjoyed that the Court has overturned this censorship ruling. Kika stood strong throughout this ordeal to make the case for everyone’s freedom to share their beliefs.

It is unfortunate that events like this happen in the court of any country, since they are seen as treating these issues very superficially, violating constitutional laws such as the right to express themselves of every human being.

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