Bible video app

Work is underway on an ambitious project known as The Video Bible and as the name explains, it is a video version of the Bible and will be available as a mobile app.

According to Dave Pillow, its creator, would be the first to provide a visual experience of the Bible from beginning to end and all this with the only plan of being able to expand the scope of the Gospel, because, with an application like this, it will be easy to understand for younger people (the visual always creates more interest) and for people with disabilities.

Its founder said through an interview his desire to serve the church of Jesus Christ throughout the world:

I think we want people to know Jesus better and that God loves them. We saw there was a need, so we wanted to give people better access to God’s Word.

There is no release date yet for this great app, but a pretty exciting preview will be available on major mobile app stores.

At the moment, The Video Bible is available on Youtube and on the project website.

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