Girl dedicates to God her participation in “La Voz Kids” and the jury is moved

Ferni is a girl who is participating in the famous show “La Voz Kids” from Peru. The girl’s presentation made the jurors end with a trembling heart, and even more when she revealed that her presentation was dedicated to God.

“The glory of God” by Ricardo and Evaluna Montaner, was the song that Ferni performed on this occasion, with which she managed to get three of the judges to turn the chair.

When one of the judges asked the girl why she chose that song, she simply replied that she wanted her presentation to be dedicated to God.

All the judges of the competition praised the way this girl started the competition, since she did it by entrusting herself to God. Dancourt, one of the judges told her:

My beautiful girl I congratulate you for being such a good girl, the fact of deciding to sing a song dedicated to God, he blessed you and brought you here. I wait for you on this team, I want your voice, I need your voice.

She also received more compliments from the other judges. Click here to watch de video.

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