Christian TikTok influencer threatened for upholding biblical values

Ingred da Silveira is a 21-year-old Christian influencer and her TikTok account (@ingreddasilveira) is dedicated to defending biblical values and principles and this has led her to be known by a large number of people on social networks.

The influencer revealed through an interview with Viraliza Podcast on YouTube, that for this work she has already been threatened several times.

She also handles issues of the moment being a great anti-feminist and opposes issues such as pornography, politics, masturbation and premarital sex. She does all of this based on the Bible.

The issue which has caused the most problems with Ingred, and for which she has received the most threats, is when she promotes debates against the feminist movement. The influencer has even stated that they write her WhatsApp number with threats with addresses and personal information about her and her family.

Ingred has a number of more than 700,000 followers on TikTok and millions of views on her videos.

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