Bible app withdrawn in China for violating local laws on religious texts

Have we stopped being persecuted? Is the Bible accepted by everyone around the world? Be very careful with thinking about that, the Word of God tells us that the world would hate and this is the case today.

This is the case of China, a country where there is a high level of hatred towards Christianity. The regime of this communist country has determined that the application of the Bible violates local laws regarding the hosting of religious texts.

Apple told the BBC that the Olive Tree Bible app, which has more than a million downloads, has been removed due to “compliance issues.”

The multi-million dollar company Apple refused to comment on what happened, only directing its human rights policy to the BBC:

We are required to comply with local laws and sometimes there are complex issues that we may disagree with with governments.

Tim Cook, Apple’s chief executive, has been harshly criticized by some politicians in the United States, calling him a “hypocrite” for the fact that he speaks well of American policies but refuses to speak about China.

Not only has the Olive Tree app has been removed, but other religious apps such as Christian WeChat have been removed due to religious restrictions imposed by the Chinese government.

It only remains for us to pray and know that all this belongs to what the Bible says, but that no one can ever silence us.

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