Christian singer Isadora Pompeo gets tattoo and defends tattoos quoting the book of proverbs

Isadora Pompeo is a famous Brazilian Christian singer who has achieved success in many of her songs. At the moment the singer is in the eye of the hurricane because of the controversy of having tattooed and supporting this action with a verse from the Bible.

Without doubt, her tattoo has been very controversial and received multiple criticisms, to which Pompeo has responded that “God left her free to do it.” The tattoo is the Proverbs 4:23 quote:

Keep thy heart with all diligence; for out of it are the issues of life.

She also expressed about the verse tattooed on her left hand:

It means “above all that you have to keep, keep your heart”, and I did it because I needed to remember what God said about me in my decisions, in my choices. I did it with a lot of peace in my heart.

The singer confirmed that this tattoo will give her relief in every moment of her life that needs those words:

You know that it is not the solution. It will serve as a relief at that time. It lets you do. And that was it for me. Because when I had an anxiety attack, something like that, the first thing that would shake was my hand. When I look at [the arm] here, the first thing I remember is what God says about me.

Pompeo said that at one point in her life she decided to get a tattoo and that now God does not judge her for it. She also expressed that she did not want other people to take this situation of believing that they can get tattooed because she got tattooed. She sentenced saying that that is not the purpose (although she has a total of six tattoos). What do you think about the topic of tattoos and the Christian? Leave us a comment.

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