A song that calls for God’s will to be done

Today we recommend the song “Tu voluntad” (Your will) from the Christian group “Propósito Music”  (Purpose Music). The song tells about a person who has done everything in their way, but then understands that by surrendering to God’s will he or she can find peace.

Sometimes, like Jonah, we have wanted to escape God’s divine plan, which is perfect. But how good it is when God Himself makes us fall in surrender to the immensity of His majesty. Oh God, that in the midst of our wrong decisions we may fall before You, only God and King!

Enjoy this powerful praise, hoping it is a blessing and you can also say: I do not want anything without You Lord, nothing that is not Your will!:

Tu Voluntad - Propósito (Feat. Ónice Mateo & Esteban Matos)

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