Jesus series “The Chosen” has reached out to atheists and children with special needs

The Chosen, a Christian series about Jesus, has been a great blessing to everyone, thus being a free series that tells us about our Lord Jesus. Its director Tiago Chagas says The Chosen is reaching out to children with special needs and atheists.

The renowned filmmaker Dallas Jenkins, also offered statements about the great success that the series is obtaining, saying that God is using this work to break down barriers, thus conquering an audience that no one could imagine.

This series has not been filmed with its producers’ own budget, but they have received multiple donations and thanks to this they are broadcasting the second season.

The Chosen was launched in 2017 and has already been very successful, seen more than 150 million times and translated into about 50 languages.

Jenkins said that what he did he saw it as “one day at a time, just doing what God wanted him to do.” In short, despite its success, Jenkins did not have the expectation that this series would be in the privileged position in which it is today.

The biggest surprise has been that even though this series is for Christian people, it has broken that barrier, since it is being seen by atheists, industry people, agnostics, among others.

I believe that with this program God is removing all these barriers and removing the scales from our eyes so we can see Jesus very clearly, from the smallest to the oldest.

God continue to allow series on faith to be produced and to reach the whole world so that they can learn more about Jesus. God bless this project!

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