Film about religious persecution of a woman in China

“Marked by Fire” is a Christian film that tells the real life testimony of a woman who was persecuted by the Communist Party in China for 28 years for being of the Christian faith.

During all this time he had to be forced to stay away from his relatives. She was exposed to many tortures, which left visible marks on her body and undoubtedly on her mind as well.

In this film we will not only be able to see how this woman survives the communist party to the end, but we will also be able to learn more about the Christian persecution in China. We will discover why the persecution of the communist party in China is a real fact, which is not hidden from the eyes of the world, however, abuses continue to be committed.

Part of the film’s synopsis tells us:

Li Chenxi attends meetings and reads the Bible with her parents since she was little. In 1988, at just 13 years old, she was arrested at a meeting and locked in a small, dark room for one day and two nights. Since then, the CCP has never stopped persecuting her.

Here is the full movie in the Spanish language so you can enjoy it:

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