Christian movie “Paul, the Apostle of Christ” available on Netflix

More and more Christian movies are being added to the Netflix catalog and since May 2021 “Paul, the Apostle of Christ” is available, directed by Andrew Hyatt and starring James Faulkner and Jim Caviezel, who also starred in the movie “The Passion. of Christ”. Synopsis on Netflix tells us:

Sentenced to death, Paul continues to preach the Word of Christ while his partner, Luke, writes a revolutionary book that will usher in the birth of the church.

Andrew Hyatt, director of this film, after spending years separated from the faith, but converted again through the actress Johanna Repsold explained about the film: “God put in my heart wanting to tell the story of Saint Paul. He is someone very close to me”.

The theme of the film is to show the life of the Apostle Paul diminished by the different persecutions that he had to suffer because of preaching the Gospel of Christ.

This movie can be a great inspiration to us knowing that we as Christians can also suffer different types of persecution. The director of the film also expressed:

I hope that whoever sees it finds a good movie, that it encourages and inspires them. And to those who do not believe, to help them ask deep questions that otherwise might never have been asked.

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