Christian app donates Bibles through free downloads

A new application that is about to be launched, called Amen Hermano, is donating Bibles through free downloads.

The strategy of this application and of the creators is to find a way to encourage the brothers to evangelize through it. For many, this Bible would make life easier for many people, because if they cannot have it physically, they will be able to have it on their cell phones.

These creators are using a strategy so that all the brothers who have a device can access it. They say it is also to gather more communities, socialize more, and teach about the faith.

According to a source, said that as of February 2021, the application after a special launch action of the platform, every 25 new downloads of the application, it would give away a Bible for mission and evangelizations in different parts of the world that are in need. But his goal is to donate 500 Bibles through April 2021.

The application invites you to download the Bible, this will be enough. The Amen Brother application, in the application store of your choice or also invite leaders to spread the word of God so that their followers continue to increase the number of donated Bibles.

So, you as a spiritual leader can show interest in being an ambassador for the app and becoming an ambassador by providing the Bibles donation initiatives.

The Christian social network is a lamp to promote stories of improvement, testimony of life and stories of miracles on the main page.

The application of this Bible which is called Amen Brother, offers a complete online Bible with a specific query and options to underline the favorite parts, the areas dedicated to prayer requests for the communities, digital space, group chat between users and many other forms of interaction.

Amen Hermano will offer the premium version of the application with more functions through a monthly subscription.

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