Guatemalan Christian singer surprises international media

The christian singer Ana Gonzáles, a Guatemalan national, impressed several international media with her impressive voice and great talent.

Since a very young age, Ana, a native of Chinique de las Flores, realized that she had great talent and a strong passion for music, in all this, she had the support of her family and thanks to them her talent is acknowledged internationally.

Today, Ana can tell her testimony, of how she can be known in Guatemala, today she can be known all over the world thanks to her great talent, and in this way she can raise Guatemala up.

Among the media that are seen by numerous people around the world who have echoed her talent is the YouTube channel Badabum, who made a video highlighting Ana’s voice and the different interpretations with which she was able to captivate the world.

The international television program Al Rojo Vivo and Noticias Telemundo also made their reports about Ana, where they show the other side of Ana’s life, since she is not only a singer, but she also makes ‘tortillas’.

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