Dramatized Bible app

“Public reading of the Bible” is the name of the application that presents a new proposal for the “dramatized Bible”, a project of the Luis Palau Association and Grace and Mercy Foundation. It has the voice of 130 recognized actors, among which are influential Christian leaders, such as Marcos Vidal and Redimi2 (who recorded the voice of King Jehu).

Other artists who participated in this project were Itiel Arroyo, Kike Pavón, Moisés Ángulo, Adriana Botina, Andrés Toro, Alex Adames, Diego Vasquez, Nayra Castillo, Adriana Osorio (Colombia), Fernando Solis (Chile), Gastón Pauls, Dario Lopilato, Ariel Abadi, Germán Barceló (Argentina), who interpreted the 1,700 characters that we find in the Holy Scriptures.

The main feature of the Bible is that you can hear each story in the Bible narrated through the speakers mentioned above. Background music and sounds bring even more life to the story told by these actors so you can take your mind back to biblical times. Download at the following links:

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