Virtuous woman: Christian movie about strength and redemption

Virtuous woman is a film produced by CanZion Home Media based on the true story of Simone Burner (Brandy Allison), who was attacked by a criminal and had to respond in the worst way in self-defense. This caused her to be unjustly accused of having taken the life of the criminal in search of money.

Simone seeks the professional help of lawyer Jack Evans (Erik Estrada) to prove her innocence, but the road will not be easy, since she will have to face a corrupt prosecutor who brings up her murky past, and Simone prefers not to remember.

Virtuous woman is a film for the whole family, based on the principles of Proverbs 31 reflected in the conviction of a woman.

It is also important to highlight the enormous work of the local church in this story, since it is highly involved in Simone’s transformation.

Virtuous woman was released in 2015 and is available for purchase at

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